20 Apr 2013

Book Review: The Hunger Games (Hunger Games#1)

Suzanne Collins, Scholastic, 2010

I never take a look on dystopian book before because I think it's kind of book that will dark my day hehe... Later I decided to give a try for The Hunger Games since everybody like the movie. I haven't seen it yet, but I will after I finished the book.

The book is told by Katniss side. She lives with her only mother and younger sister, Primrose in District 12. The nation of Panem consists of 12 districts dan the Capitol controlling the districts. Many years ago, rebellion happened toward the Capitol and resulted in demolition of district 13. Since then every year each district must send 2 teenagers, boy and girl, to compete in televised survivor games until the one last standing be the winner. That year in the reaping day of 74th Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers her sister place as girl tribute. Then the boy tribute from district 12 is Peeta Mellark, the baker's son who ever helped Katniss once when she was eleven, starving and desperate. Now Katniss has to do everything to win, but could she even killed Peeta?

I love this book. The plot is so engaging from reaping day, the parade of tributes, interview with Caesar and the Hunger Games itself. I still hate the killing part, but it is something that tributes were forced to do by the cruel Capitol. I also love how the writer makes Katniss looks so tough with archery and hunting things but inside she is just a girl dealing with her father death. Upon all of serious issues brought in the novel, I found myself waiting every single interaction of Katniss and Peeta. Hehe...guess a love triangle is never failed to keep my eyes on a book. Overall, the Hunger Games gives a great opening for the trilogy.

The movie review: I put this in here, coz don't wanna write the same thing over. The movie is awesome. I am very excited like all Capitol people when Katniss came out with the fire costume. The casts are also great, matching with what described in the book. Although many said Josh Hutcherson is too short, I think he is good as Peeta. He is no longer cute little Gabe in Little Manhattan. About the games, the director is doing good job by not making it too bloody, but I still hate it. Especially the career tributes who looks very casual doing killing. The only weak point from the movie is the duration. It makes a lot of adjustment and cutting from the original story. So if you like the movie, give a shot to the book too. You'll get more detail, more emotions, and more kisses! I tell you Peeta is more generous with kisses in the book than the movie:D