16 Jun 2013

Book Review: Mockingjay (Hunger Games #3)

Suzanne Colllins, Bloomsburry, 2010

Finally I write this review after read the book about two months ago. Bwahaha...bit busy lately and never have time for reading anyway. But it’s been slowing down right now so I decided to finish this before moving on to another book.

After being saved from Quarter Quell arena, Katniss lives in District 13. It’s not ruined and have been survived for many years by built its country underground. Coin, the president of District 13, demands her to be Mockingjay, the symbol of rebellion. For the first, she is reluctant to do it. But since Peeta is being held by the Capitol and seen being forced to speak against his will on tv, she agrees and demands the rescue of him as payback, also the right to kill Snow herself. Being Mockingjay is harder than she think. Not joining the battle, but much on taking shoots for propaganda video. She is not the one who can act on camera but the show must go on. When Peeta is rescued and brought to District 13, he sees Katniss as enemy. The Capitol has brainwashed him, then the doctor ask help from his childhood friend, Delly, to remind him some happy memories from the past. Katniss feels helpless and decides to join the operation team with Gale. The rebellion is rolling and all districts are on rebel side. Time for Capitol has arrived. Katniss and her team go on mission to The Capitol, and later Peeta is sent to join them by Coin.  It made Katniss feeling uneasy since he tend to attack her every time they met before. No matter what Coin’s plan by sending Peeta, will this operation succeed? Can she kill Snow herself?

This final installment is little bit disaponting. I said little because yeah...I know this is the reality when it comes to war. We see our Katniss being very exhausted mentally from the guilt. Seeing the ruined District 12, Peeta’s brainwashed, and the death of person she loved. All because what she did on the game.  No body can cope with all that, including Katniss. Then we have President Coins in District 13. I thought she is the type of good leader (I realized she is woman near the ending hehe...). But Coins is no better than Snow. I guess politic can make people greed. There is not much lovey scene here since Peeta being brainwashed and Gale is enthusiastic with bombing thing. But there is some sweet scene when Peeta recalls some memory of him and her. The ending...all I can say is realistic happy ending. They live happily with all the bad and good memories.

Yaay...finally it’s wrapped. It made me addicted, wacthing the movie over and over, visiting the official web to get latest update and can’t wait for the next movie. I love The Hunger Games! It’s been great to read, watch and review it.

“You love me. Real or not real?” –Peeta- 
“Real”. –Katniss-